Medical Technology Planning & Support

One of the pre-requirements for designing and constructing functional hospitals is excellent equipment and furniture planning.
Rapid growing technologies create direct impact on the total space and clinical operations within a hospital. Latest state of art equipment also need integrations with information and other systems as well as connecting with different technologies.
At NMS we are uniquely qualified to deliver the most comprehensive medical planning and consulting services to our clients while maintaining a non-proprietary interest with any manufacturer.
Helping facilities plan and budget is a specialty shared by our Sales and Service forces. As a team, our experts will help you step by step to work through your equipment wish lists. Get insight and feature comparisons between models. We will research and explain Life cycle cost projections and much more information related to the products necessary to aid you in making an educated decision. We will provide you options and help procure the equipment. We will be your partner from start up to finish working in a “turn-key” manner helping you choose equipment, install the equipment, in service your staff on the usage of the products and help you put into place a follow-up technical support and maintenance plan that will meet your every need cost effectively.
We bring innovation to the client in planning and designing the most suitable and technologically advanced equipment for each project while ensuring that the client get the best value for his capital and operational investment.


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